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Rack Mounted Battery

Guangdong Super Battery New Energy Co., LTD rack mount battery backup uses brand new grade A lifepo4 battery cells, 6,000 cycles, 80% discharge depth, smart protective board BMS, 5 years warranty, and RS485/Can communication, which can match the most popular brand inverters.

Our ess battery server rack lithium battery specification In addition to the conventional 48V50AH battery, 48V100AH 5kwh battery, 48v 150AH 7kwh battery, 48v 200AH 10kwh battery, the maximum capacity of 48V300AH 15kwh battery!  And the power walls voltage is 25.6v/48v/51.2v/96v optional.

Our ess rack mount battery modules consists of multiple cells connected in a series and/or a parallel, encased in a mechanical structure. The system is modular in design, allowing for it to be easily switched to a different capacity and power as per your demands. The unit can be wall mounted, floor mounted, and server rack mounted.

Our production process strictly controls the quality of the product in accordance with the ISO9001 /ISO14001/ISO45001 management system, the battery cells sorting, and the aging of battery testing. The product has been certified by CE, MSDS/UN38.3/COC.

ESS Rack mount battery modules can supply power for solar systems such as households, garages, base stations, and UPS.

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