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Solar Street Light Battery

Solar street light lithium battery

As a permanent use of light energy, humans use a battery plate to convert solar energy into optical energy through a battery board to provide lighting services. It is widely used in global urban and rural areas. Not only are street lights, but also courtyard lights, emergency light, etc., all use solar power generation. The solar lamp lithium battery stores the electric energy of the solar panel, which can be illuminated at night. Solar street light lithium batteries are mainly used in lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries. So is energy -saving and clean solar lights used lithium iron phosphate batteries? In fact, there are lead -acid batteries at the same time. Compared with lithium iron phosphate batteries, its disadvantage is:

1. Small energy density

It is also 48V12AH, lead -acid battery is only 33Wh, while solar street light lithium batteries can reach 125Wh

2, life life

The lead -acid battery has 60%capacity when the cycle is circulated 300 times, and the lithium iron phosphate battery still has 80%capacity at 2000 times

3, not environmental protection

Lead -acid batteries will cause pollution, and lithium batteries of Solar street light are recognized environmentally friendly batteries. Since there are so many shortcomings, why are lead-acid batteries still widely used? Mainly because its products are mature, cheap, and convenient maintenance. So it is still the mainstream of the market. But with the restrictions of national industrial policies, market share is declining. The market share of Solar street lamp lithium batteries is gradually rising and the prospects are wide!

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