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LiFePo4 Battery

Longer life

The Lifepo4 battery survives over 2,000 cycles at 100 %DOD /6000 cycles at a rate of 50 % DOD, while the performance decreases. The average life expectancy of lead batteries is about two years (500 cycles) and only 50 % is emitted.

Automatic BMS and no maintenance

SIPANI LFP Lithium iron phosphate battery includes BMS technology management of the battery management system (BMS), which can protect the battery from the impact of the chargers and download, current, short circuit, low temperature, and high temperature, to increase performance and the performance longer duration. The technology of the management system (BMS), can protect the effect of the batteries from the current and discharge, overcoming the current, the short circuit, and the low temperature and the high temperature to improve performance and the longest life.

Light and universal

Compared to lead batteries -acid, lithium provides greater energy density, at least 1/2 of quality. For any 12v deep cycle battery, it is a perfect update. and best choice for many applications such as Fish Finders, Ice Fishing, Camping, Solar Systems, Home Alarm Systems, E-Scooters, and applications in Extreme Temperatures(Discharge Temperature -4℉ to 150℉). Please load the battery with a dedicated lithium charger and there are no more than 4 connected batteries or parallel batteries.

Safe and respectful of the environment

The SIPANI Lifepo4 battery is made of safe, non-toxic, non-dangerous energy. Has high chemical stability. It is not easy to cause heat without control. There is no acid in the battery, it is possible to install it safely anywhere.

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