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Rack Mounted Battery
Rack mount batteries are often used in the following application areas: energy storage equipment for renewable energy power generation systems such as solar energy and wind energy; providing spare power supply for power grids to prevent power outages and voltage fluctuations; industrial applications, such as UPS systems and electric vehicles.
The advantages of rack-mount solar batteries include:

  Large storage power, suitable for high-power discharge requirements;

  High efficiency, charge, and discharge efficiency usually above 90%, saving energy costs;

  Long life, generally 6000 cycles charging and discharge;

  High safety, use no liquid electrolyte inside, and not easy to leak and explode.

  Personalization, One-button switch, Support Bluetooth and WIFI function customization, which can remotely monitor server rack mount lifepo4 battery data

Energy storage batteries are mainly composed of battery packs and intelligent Protection board. Can be charged through renewable energy equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines, or charged through the power grid. During the peak period or power outage of household power, the stored power can be used to supply power to reduce the cost of home power and improve the reliability of the power supply.

Rack-mounted batteries are suitable for medium and large commercial or industrial applications. The Rack-type battery's advantage is that the storage power is large and the power density is high, but the installation requires a certain space and professional technical support.
SIPANI supply: Wall mounted battery/ Rack mounted battery/ Stacked battery/ Cabinet battery.

Low voltage battery:12V, 24V, 48V, 51.2V, 50ah, 100ah, 120ah, 150ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah, 400ah, 500ah, 600ah, 700ah, 800ah, 1000ah...
High voltage battery:72V, 96V, 192V, 240V, 256V, 288V, 360V, 480V, 512V, 50ah, 100ah, 120ah, 150ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah, 400ah, 500ah, 600ah, 700ah, 800ah, 1000ah...
The quality of energy storage batteries on the market is not uniform, 
and many businesses sell seconds at best quality prices.
How to distinguish whether the lifepo4 battery they purchased is excellent?
Method of energy storage battery quality detection method:
  Test the opening voltage of the battery and record its value to determine whether the battery is fully charged. At the same time, the battery current can be measured by the current metering of the battery.

  Charging and discharge cycle tests are one of the important methods for assessing battery performance. The battery can be connected to the load for discharge testing, and then the battery is charged to a specific voltage and recorded the charging time through the external power supply to verify the battery charging and discharge performance.

  Internal impedance test of the battery: It can be used to evaluate the performance of the battery. The communication signal can be applied at different frequencies to measure the phase difference between the voltage and the current, so as to calculate the resistance of the battery.

  Safety test can evaluate the safety of the battery by simulating the battery's overloading and being put.

The quality of energy storage batteries mainly depends on the battery cells and production processes selected by battery manufacturers. Generally speaking, high-quality battery cells have a higher energy density, longer life, and higher safety performance, and the production process is also one of the important factors affecting battery performance. 
Therefore, when purchasing, you need to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and advanced technology and understand its production process and the battery cell brand and specifications used. At the same time, in the process of use, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of battery maintenance and use, and regularly check and maintain wall & rack mounted batteries to ensure their normal operation.

Guangdong Super Battery New Energy Co., LTD is a 10-year lithium battery factory with its own R&D and after-sales team, our production strictly follows the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems.
All SIPANI batteries are made with brand-new and high-quality cells and undergo rigorous capacity testing, aging tests, and other quality tests.
Our products are certified with CE, MSDS, UN38.3, COC, and have hazardous goods packaging ability. We have extensive industry experience and provide quality after-sales support, providing customers with a one-stop solution to challenges such as difficulties in solar energy system matching, poor battery quality, and limited after-sales services.

We are committed to providing reliable energy solutions that meet high standards of safety, performance, and environmental sustainability. Our lithium batteries are designed to last, providing long-lasting power for your solar energy systems or other applications. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we are confident in providing our customers with good products and services.
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