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48V 500Ah Stackable Battery Pack Lithium Lifepo4 Battery 15kwh 20kwh 25kwh 30kwh


All In One Stacked Home Energy Storage System
Inverter 6kw Single Phase Off-grid Solar Inverter
Capacity 48V100AH 48V500AH
Function Over-discharge, Overcharge, Shortcircuit Protection & Equalization Function
Nominal Volt 48V/51.2V
Nominal Capacity 4800WH/5120WH 2400WH/5120WH
Recommend Cutoff volt 40.5V/43.2V
Recommend Charging volt 54V/57.6V
Max. Constant Charging Current 50A/100A/150A/200A etc. Customized to your needs
Max. Discharging Current
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃ (Recommend10℃~40℃)
Storage Temperature -10℃~50℃ (Recommend10℃~35℃)
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles ( @50%DOD )
Communication RS485/CAN etc.
Customized to your needs
Battery Weight 239KG/249KG



stack batterystackable batterystackable battery pack48v 600ah battery price48v 600ah lithium battery30kwh battery20kwh battery

All Product Models:
♦ Customized service : logo/size/color/etc.
♦ Custom Function: WIFI , Blue tooth , Communication Protocol ,High volt/current Battery.
SIPANI LiFePO4 Battery
Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Energy Size
CD-25.6V 100AH 25.6V 100AH 2560WH 500*300*160 mm
CD-25.6V 150AH 25.6V 150AH 3840WH 510*420*210 mm
CD-25.6V 200AH 25.6V 200AH 5120WH 505*475*155 mm
CD-48V 50AH 48V 50AH 2400WH 400*400*180 mm
CD-48V 100AH 48V 100AH 4800WH 500*470*170mm
CD-48V 150AH 48V 150AH 7200WH 530*500*180mm
CD-48V 200AH 48V 200AH 9600WH 600*500*210mm
CD-48V 250AH 48V 250AH 12000WH 570*655*223mm
CD-48V 300AH 48V 300AH 14400WH 780*520*210mm
CD-48V 400AH 48V 400AH 19200WH 470*470*953mm
CD-48V 600AH 48V 600AH 28800WH 670*680*890mm
CD-51.2V 50AH 51.2V 50AH 2560WH 400*400*180 mm
CD-51.2V 100AH 51.2V 100AH 5120WH 500*470*170mm
CD-51.2V 150AH 51.2V 150AH 7680WH 530*500*180mm
CD-51.2V 200AH 51.2V 200AH 10240WH 600*500*210mm
CD-51.2V 250AH 51.2V 250AH 12800WH 570*655*223mm
CD-51.2V 300AH 51.2V 300AH 15360WH 780*520*210mm
CD-51.2V 400AH 51.2V 400AH 20480WH 470*470*953mm
CD-51.2V 600AH 51.2V 600AH 30720WH 670*680*890mm
CD-96V 200AH 96V 200AH 19200WH 670*680*890mm

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48v 500ah lithium ion battery

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