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SIPANI Rack Mounted Battery Design Concept

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The design concept of rack mounted battery is in a rack, and the battery power and capacity are expanded through series or parallel battery modules. rack mounted batteries usually have the characteristics of high integration, strong scalability and excellent security performance, and are suitable for application scenarios that require large -capacity, high power output and stable power supply.

The rack mounted battery is mainly used in the following fields:

(1) Power system spare power supply: machine rooms, data centers, medical facilities, etc. need to continuously stabilize the power supply.

(2) New energy power storage system: New energy power generation places such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and the grille -type battery -to -peak -to -peak -to-valve reclaiming power is stored to optimize the efficiency of energy utilization.

(3) Urban power grid peak power adjustment: computer rooms, microgrids and other places, reducing the peak use of the power during peak battery storage through the energy storage of server rack battery, reducing the load pressure of the grid.

(4) The field of transportation: electric vehicles, electric bus,es and other means of transportation, the goals of high energy density and long battery life through rack mounted batteries.

SIPANI Rack Mounted Batteries:

Voltage: 25.6V/48V/51.2V/96V/192V-512V

Capacity: 50AH/100AH/120AH/150AH/200AH/250AH/300AH

Cycle Life: 6000 times

Communication: RS485/CAN

rack mount battery

51.2v 100ah battery

server rack battery 48v

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