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How to Choose a Suitable Solar Energy Storage System for You?

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The commonly used capacity of household energy storage lithium batteries depends on household electricity demand, usually between 5kWh and 20kWh. Choosing the right capacity needs to consider factors such as household electricity load, solar power generation system, or other charging methods.

For the installation and use of household energy storage lithium batteries, the following points need to be paid attention to:

  • Safety: During installation and use, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation manual and relevant standards, especially to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery and the terminals, and to avoid safety problems such as short circuits, overcharges, and over-discharge.

  • Environmental conditions: The installation location should be far away from harsh environments such as high temperatures and humidity, and at the same time ensure good ventilation to discharge the heat generated by the battery.

  • Maintenance and maintenance: Home energy storage lithium batteries need regular inspection and maintenance, such as cleaning the battery surface, checking the battery status, charging status, etc.

The following aspects need to be considered when screening suitable lithium energy storage batteries and battery suppliers:

  1. Battery performance and quality: It is necessary to understand the technical parameters of the battery such as capacity, power, and cycle life, and select a battery with high performance and stable quality.

  2. Supplier reputation and service: It is necessary to choose suppliers with good reputations and perfect after-sales service systems to ensure timely technical support and maintenance services during use.

  3. Price and cost performance: It is necessary to determine the purchase cost according to actual needs and budget, and compare different brands and models to choose more cost-effective products.

  4. Qualification and certification: It is necessary to select battery suppliers with relevant national qualifications and certifications to ensure that the products comply with relevant standards and regulations.

energy storage system

SIPANI supply: Wall mounted battery/ Rack mounted battery/ Stacked battery/ Cabinet battery.

Low voltage battery:12V, 24V, 48V, 51.2V, 50ah, 100ah, 120ah, 150ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah, 400ah, 500ah, 600ah, 700ah, 800ah, 1000ah...

High voltage battery:72V, 96V, 192V, 240V, 256V, 288V, 360V, 480V, 512V, 50ah, 100ah, 120ah, 150ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah, 400ah, 500ah, 600ah, 700ah, 800ah, 1000ah...

Guangdong Super Battery New Energy Co., LTD is a 10-year lithium battery factory with its own R&D and after-sales team, our production strictly follows the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems.

All SIPANI batteries are made with brand-new and high-quality cells and undergo rigorous capacity testing, aging tests, and other quality tests.

Our products are certified with CE, MSDS, UN38.3, COC, and have hazardous goods packaging ability. We have extensive industry experience and provide quality after-sales support, providing customers with a one-stop solution to challenges such as difficulties in solar energy system matching, poor battery quality, and limited after-sales services.

We are committed to providing reliable energy solutions that meet high standards of safety, performance, and environmental sustainability. Our lithium batteries are designed to last, providing long-lasting power for your solar energy systems or other applications. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we are confident in providing our customers with good products and services.

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