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A Professional Lithium Battery Team

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Super Battery New Energy Co., LTD(SIPANI Battery) was founded in 2014 as an energy storage battery manufacturer integrated with R&D, custom service, production, and sale. SIPANI Battery has an engineering and technical team with excellent R&D capabilities in the lithium battery industry, hardware, and software for many years. It always pays attention to the development and latest applications of lithium batteries, maintains long-term and stable cooperation with world-famous chip companies and battery cell manufacturers, and applies the latest technical achievements and concepts to the whole series of product R&D. The company operates in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2008 quality management system. The manufacturing workshop is equipped with advanced production equipment and first-class testing instruments. At the same time, it has a number of professional production and quality management teams to strictly supervise each step of the production process. Through continuous optimization and improvement of the process, it ensures to provide customers with first-class quality products.

Lithium Battery Manufacturers

Our company specializes in producing lifepo4 battery, power wall battery, rack-mounted battery, solar street light battery packs, PV energy storage batteries, UPS power stations, backup power supplies, electric bike battery, and so on. We only apply brand new & A-class Li-ion battery cells to make sure our products are safe & reliable, and able to last for long-term use.

At present, the products are mainly used in household energy storage systems, communication base stations, electric bicycles, solar street lamps, flashlights, all kinds of headlights, miner's lamps, electric fish machines, rubber cutting lamps, fishing lamps, and all kinds of special battery packs for high-power lighting lamps; Battery pack for electric tools, electric toys, medical devices, and other instruments.

We have 2 workshops covering a 3000 sqm area in total, 6 production lines, 70+ employees for production, 8 employees in the R&D team, 5 quality inspection engineers, and equipped with professional equipment and technique for battery pack production, which end up with a production capacity of 30000 sets per month.

All the equipment owned by our company are the most advanced fully automated instruments with high accuracy in the market: cell divider, voltage internal resistance tester, automatic cell pairing machine, finished battery pack tester, integrated tester, lithium battery pack integrated tester, multiple automatic welding machines, aging cabinets, etc. All large combined battery products are aging and shipping.

Clients' requirement-oriented developing strategy is what we always keep in mind, and constantly develop products that are well accepted by the market. The customization service is our strength, we aim to offer the solution that most fits the client's situation, and with the best cost efficiency at the same time. Our products have passed the MSDS, UN38.3, DGM, CE and other standard battery certifications, are provided with a comprehensive after-sale and warranty policy and are insured by the PICC company, which makes our products with no worries to be used.

Lithium Battery Manufacturers

lithium battery manufacturer

lithium battery factory

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