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48V 100Ah 200Ah 300A 400Ah 500Ah 600Ah LiFePo4 Battery Stackable Household Energy Storage Battery Solar ESS Stacked Battery Pack


All In One Stacked Home Energy Storage System
Inverter 6kw Single Phase Off-grid Solar Inverter
Capacity 48V100AH 48V500AH
Function Over-discharge, Overcharge, Shortcircuit Protection & Equalization Function
Nominal Volt 48V/51.2V
Nominal Capacity 4800WH/5120WH 2400WH/5120WH
Recommend Cutoff volt 40.5V/43.2V
Recommend Charging volt 54V/57.6V
Max. Constant Charging Current 50A/100A/150A/200A etc. Customized to your needs
Max. Discharging Current
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃ (Recommend10℃~40℃)
Storage Temperature -10℃~50℃ (Recommend10℃~35℃)
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles ( @50%DOD )
Communication RS485/CAN etc.
Customized to your needs
Battery Weight 239KG/249KG



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All Product Models:
♦ Customized service : logo/size/color/etc.
♦ Custom Function: WIFI , Blue tooth , Communication Protocol ,High volt/current Battery.
SIPANI LiFePO4 Battery
Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Energy Size
CD-25.6V 100AH 25.6V 100AH 2560WH 500*300*160 mm
CD-25.6V 150AH 25.6V 150AH 3840WH 510*420*210 mm
CD-25.6V 200AH 25.6V 200AH 5120WH 505*475*155 mm
CD-48V 50AH 48V 50AH 2400WH 400*400*180 mm
CD-48V 100AH 48V 100AH 4800WH 500*470*170mm
CD-48V 150AH 48V 150AH 7200WH 530*500*180mm
CD-48V 200AH 48V 200AH 9600WH 600*500*210mm
CD-48V 250AH 48V 250AH 12000WH 570*655*223mm
CD-48V 300AH 48V 300AH 14400WH 780*520*210mm
CD-48V 400AH 48V 400AH 19200WH 470*470*953mm
CD-48V 600AH 48V 600AH 28800WH 670*680*890mm
CD-51.2V 50AH 51.2V 50AH 2560WH 400*400*180 mm
CD-51.2V 100AH 51.2V 100AH 5120WH 500*470*170mm
CD-51.2V 150AH 51.2V 150AH 7680WH 530*500*180mm
CD-51.2V 200AH 51.2V 200AH 10240WH 600*500*210mm
CD-51.2V 250AH 51.2V 250AH 12800WH 570*655*223mm
CD-51.2V 300AH 51.2V 300AH 15360WH 780*520*210mm
CD-51.2V 400AH 51.2V 400AH 20480WH 470*470*953mm
CD-51.2V 600AH 51.2V 600AH 30720WH 670*680*890mm
CD-96V 200AH 96V 200AH 19200WH 670*680*890mm

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Stack Lifepo4 Battery

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