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192v 200ah High Voltage Energy Storage Battery 38.4kwh

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Guangdong Super Battery New Energy Co., LTD. launched a new small industrial and commercial high voltage energy storage battery 192v200ah (38.4kwh), which has been officially put into production! The rack-mounted design and are directly installed in cabinet.

The voltage is 192V, the capacity is 200ah, and the maximum capacity can reach 600ah (115.2kwh)!

high voltage battery

What is a high voltage energy storage battery?

High-voltage energy storage batteries generally refer to energy storage batteries that realize high-voltage DC output of the system by connecting multiple batteries in series. Compared with the low voltage battery system, the high voltage battery system has less loss during use, can provide higher charge and discharge efficiency, support higher power load usage requirements, and the overall cost is relatively lower.

Product Features of High Voltage Household Energy Storage Battery

SIPANI high-voltage household energy storage battery, the specification is a single module battery 51.2v200ah, supports up to 10 sets of series connection. Such as 96V200Ah, 192v200ah, 512v200ah. The available voltage range is 96~512V, and the capacity range is 4.8~153.6kwh.


1.Modular design, stable system, simple and flexible, saving time and effort;

2.A variety of models can meet more usage scenarios of customers;

3.Intelligent BMS battery management system, and multiple safety redundancy design, guarantee battery safety in all aspects.

high voltage battery

hv battery

192v battery

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